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[EDIT] Thanks to Crystal Brunelle for pointing out that Dragon Castle has a Slovakian protaganist. Our bad! We’ve replaced it with The Lesser Blessed.


It’s that time of year again.


a pic of naked raul esparza with a haircut that makes him look like ezra koening

there was one dude that got up and was like “alright… everyones poems have been phenomenal, but uh . i didnt know what to write about, so i just put my favorite words together and made sure they rhymed . here i go” and it was absolutely beautiful halfway thru he started speaking in french

homio said: you’ll be great!!!!

im feeling better abt it… im gonna edit it a bit more, but since my mum left the apartment ive been like saying it over n over n over n OVER and editing and editing and then saying it again… so i hope it sounds good!!
plus i heard other kids poems and it made me think “i love all of their poems, no matter what they’re abt or their ability!!! maybe ppl will feel the same way abt my poem”

i guess it refers 2 when u cook, which i dont like it being strictly that bc i love cooking n baking but i dont want some dude getting an idea that that’s just… what i will do . always
but i like it bc one girl was like “my socks and underwear match, im feeling good abt today #wifemeup” and i was like . yea . u go girl . wear those matching socks

i rlly love the term #wifemeup 


How has nobody settled for me yet I’m a solid 3


Reeeeally rough sketches I found of Toni and Conrad bonding! In a way.


it’s funny how providing accommodations to a disabled student is “unfair to the rest of the class” yet imposing a standard on a disabled student that is based on the capabilities of able-bodied students is fair and impartial, isn’t it funny how that works?



I’ve kind of caved in and doodled my pal, Captainhanni’s OC, Belial of Belial and Reno.

I have a soft spot for skulls and deep, sunken eye sockets… 

*makes finger guns @ you* eyyy!!!!! i don’t think this counts as fanart more like friendart haha anywaAY LOOK HOW CUTE

our teacher is videotaping our poems so mAYBE i can get my spoken word from her…. i dk if i would be able to put it online because of papers and the fact that there might be like the back of kids heads in the vid but WHO KNOWS i just want helpful critique and i want to show it bc even tho im having a mini anxiety FEST over here, brewing in my own fear of public speaking, i’d like to show u guys what i can do and i want to ask u all what i could do to make it better