Ahead of Toronto’s upcoming municipal elections, Ward 2 candidate Munira Abukar has been the target of racial hatred and vandalism. City councillors, members of the public, and other candidates have outwardly shown support for her on Twitter, including mayoral candidate Olivia Chow (who has herself been the target of racism and threats of violence on a large scale).

#IStandWithMunira trended city-wide last night, and you can donate to her campaign here to help replace the signs and pictures that have been destroyed. x




Police in riot gear take the front line in front of the Ferguson Police Department.

Saturday, October 11th

they got a sniper
what the fuck
it’s a crowd of people not fucking moving the fuck you need a sniper for
might as well just mount a fucking machine gun bay if you’re planning on taking out people who are STANDING STILL THEY ARE SITTING ASS TARGETS YOU DO NOT NEED A MOTHERFUCKING SNIPER AT A PEACEFUL PROTEST